Areas of Expertise

Dispute Resolution, Arbitration and Litigation

LawBridge has extensive experience representing all types of clients in a wide range of business disputes. In each particular case, we will compose the team that will be able to solve the actual case in the most time- and cost-efficient way, allowing us to use our competences to the full, whether that be within the general sphere of litigation, contract law, or any of our areas of specialisation.

We represent our clients at general courts and at courts of arbitration in order to settle disputes and claim damages. Our clients include a wide range of large local companies and international corporations. Broad-based knowledge of various industry sectors enables our team to assess quickly and accurately the client’s situation and to analyse the opportunities and risks associated with a case.

Our experts have extensive experience with large lawsuits, arbitration cases and settlement negotiations. We are often involved at an early stage of a negotiation process and we offer advisory services on advantages and disadvantages of individual dispute resolution models – in both national and international agreements.

Our litigation expertise comprises the following:

  • litigation in all areas of commercial law;

  • disputes on certain matters of corporate law;

  • debt collection and bankruptcy proceedings;

  • criminal proceedings concerning economic infringements and in other spheres;

  • disputes under family and inheritance law;

  • conducting arbitral proceedings as legal representatives of a party under all recognized rules of arbitrations; and

  • enforcing both domestic as well as international arbitral awards including the seizure and freezing of assets of the opposing party.


Roman Sommer

LawBridge Germany, Dresden
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LawBridge Russia, Moscow

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